As we observe in today’s world, there are a lot of issues in couple relationships e.g. husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend etc. It is not that easy to find a perfect solution for each and every such issue. However it is quite possible for all of us to share our experiences at FriendFiesta, share the solutions and ask for each other’s advice. We build an enriched collection of such information and should be able to analyze it for our own benefit.

For centuries, marriage has been considered a perfect way of life, at the same time almost every day we hear about marriages and divorces. In some countries priests advice if a marriage is going to be successful or not based on the planetary calculations, even those are not successful either. We don’t have a solution for it however we certainly need to think about it.

At least one thing I have observed is that we can’t have a blind relationship just because of our elder family members think that a marriage is just not between two people but a bonding between two families and communities. Should we keep suffering just because we have to set up ourselves a good example in the society i.e. what others would say if we break the bond. I have faced the same problem and continuously being haunted by it, thinking that someday there will be a solution. First of all the relationship should be prioritized based on our taste for love, romance, emotions and respect. Of course we have to give birth to our off springs also, or is that the only goal of a relationship and after that it just the dead end, without even noticing each other’s presence.

After observing relationship issues everywhere, I decided to have a free platform to discuss our problems openly and look for suitable solutions. FriendFiesta is that platform without any membership fee, let us help each other, let us help ourselves.

We are in our early stage of bringing this platform up, please be patient. Appreciate your help and encouragement !!!